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Stellar Evolve consulting

Stellar Evolve is a management consulting practice that brings together Tier-1 consulting expertise with Stellar’s hands-on customer service experience. We are a results-driven consulting offering that delivers tangible business outcomes for our clients.
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Self-service IVR

IVR can streamline the process for your company and your agents while achieving greater levels of customer engagement and caller satisfaction.
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Social media service

Social media is the new word-of-mouth. It has never been more critical to engage with your customers online.
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Speech analytics

Rich insights are held within your customer phone calls, but with millions of interactions a year, it’d be impossible to manually monitor each one.
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Outbound sales and service

Outbound can be – and should be – customer centric, engaging, and a key part of your customer engagement strategy.
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Web chat

A successful engagement strategy will turn your website into a living, breathing part of your business — a hub where customers can kick off conversations, get support and be enticed into your world.
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Customer care

Customer care was what Stellar began with in 1998, with just one client and one call centre. From these humble beginnings we’ve grown our footprint and our capabilities, but at our core, we are still passionate about people and passionate about customers.
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​Every client’s needs are different, influenced by their industry, customer-base and business goals. This is why Stellar has developed a ‘rightshoring’ model, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to outsourcing.
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cStar® workflow management

Stellar’s proprietary software cStar® has been built to efficiently handle customer interactions across multiple channels. It’s the bridge between your brand, our agents and your customer.
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Back of house

To deliver a superior customer experience, each function in your business needs to operate as smoothly as possible. An efficient and organised back-office is a well-oiled machine, eliminating wasted time and misspent resource.
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