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David Arndt

Chief Financial Officer

Stellar is lucky to have David Arndt, with hiccups in the interview process almost preventing him from joining the business. Despite the multiple reschedules back in 2010, he was hired into the role of Financial Controller; before moving into the role of Chief Financial Officer/Company Secretary in 2012.

Since he joined the business, David’s worked at immersing himself in the BPO world; coming to us from the retail and travel industries. As well as new life lessons at work, he’s learnt them at home – welcoming two daughters to the world since joining the Stellar team. He’s up at 6am every day to squeeze in some quality Lego time before heading into the office.

He loves the variety and the dynamic environment of Stellar. An agile approach is required in his role – with last-minute meetings and interruptions ensuring no two days look the same. He’s tasked with a fair few responsibilities: managing cash flow, supporting the business through the provision of information, paying people accurately and on time, protecting the company’s commercial interests, ensuring a robust and effective strategic plan and risk management.

He’s grateful for his years as Financial Controller. This role gave him a solid foundation in the business, and taught him that people are pivotal to the success of Stellar. He saw that the leaders of the business were crucial in setting the standards for the rest of the business, as well as living and breathing the culture. Stepping into the role of CFO has given him the opportunity to do this himself, setting a strong example for the finance, commercial, strategy and payroll teams across Australia and the Philippines.

His days are long – he’s often the last one in the office in the evenings – but he’s driven by his passion to deliver data to the company so Stellar can accurately plan the future. He brings that precision to his golf game too, and earning bragging rights over his brother is definitely worth the effort of planning their monthly bout.

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