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John Zisis

Head of Sales & Marketing

John was part of the original team in 1998, tasked with the responsibility of first opening Stellar’s doors. Back then, John was the General Manager of Operations, bringing vibrant enthusiasm to the idea of starting a new business. Today John leads the Sales, Marketing & Consulting teams in Stellar, and although a lot has changed, some things are evergreen: his belief in good manners and his signature moustache.

Quick-witted and fast with a cheeky joke, John loves being around people; and his role demands it. His team is relatively small, but there’s a laundry list of stakeholders he interacts with on an almost daily basis. He’s a straight-talker who firmly believes collaboration is the key to success, and that leaders need to bring people along with them on the journey.

No two workdays are the same for John. He’s based in Sydney but spends plenty of time in Melbourne too; with his 7kg carry-on packing down to a fine art. Some days he’s in the office meeting with his team, others he’s sharing a flat white (one sugar) with a potential client. Whatever he’s doing, he cuts a charismatic figure; and it might be this charm that ensures John easily harnesses talents from all across the business to successfully deliver his projects.

Work, travelling and networking keeps him plenty busy, so John makes sure to treasure and value his free time. When he’s not at work you can find him walking his King Charles Cavalier Spaniel ‘Rudy’, or listening to music on his classic hi-fi system. They just don’t quite make them like they used to…

He’s very proud of Stellar’s success. His personal philosophy is that it’s what you do with the opportunity in front of you that matters most; and that no one’s path is set in stone. With that in mind, he can’t wait to see what further growth the future brings to Stellar.

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