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Kelli Gorman

Head of Asian Markets

Over 18 years ago, Kelli joined Stellar as the Centre Manager of our first centre in Robina, Queensland. She came to us from the banking world, bringing with her a curious spirit and a lifelong love of numbers. But despite ten years in the finance world, it was in outsourcing she found her home — discovering an industry that gracefully balances people and economics.

Kelli wholeheartedly puts the company above her ego, believing in “just going where the gaps are”. This approach to her work has seen her take roles in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, before taking her biggest leap yet – living and working in the Philippines as the Head of Asian Markets.

She’s based in Manila but thrives in multiple timezones at once, starting her day at 3am to pick up the end of the US workday before seeing Australia wake up to check their emails. Living in bustling Manila means needing to be flexible with evening plans, with the ride home from work being a “traffic lottery” that lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours.

Kelli has 1,700 people in her team, and they are what brings her the most joy (well, that and the changes she brought about to the company alcohol policy). Kelli spends her Fridays holding skip-level meetings with agents on the frontline. Spending time with her committed and innovative staff “feeds her soul” for the week ahead.

Though her spare time is limited, Kelli manages to build in some cello practice and some cardio time – she’s training to do El Camino in Spain in 2018.

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