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Melissa Hamilton

Chief Executive Officer

As the Chief Executive Officer, Melissa is responsible for setting the tone for the organisation. So it might be her tenure (the third longest in the company) or her firm sense of kinship (she truly believes that Stellar has the best people in the business) that inspires the loyalty and culture within the company.

It might also be Melissa’s natural curiosity and self-confessed “FOMO” (fear of missing out) that has led Stellar in bold new directions, cementing a spot as a market leader in a fragmented industry full of disruption. Her curiosity might also explain why Stellar’s offices are open-plan: Melissa makes sure to learn everyone’s name the detail of what they do; across the breadth of Stellar’s business.

She spends a lot of time travelling, and thinks of airplanes as her second home. Perhaps this was her destiny; growing up in Hong Kong with a pilot father. As CEO of Stellar Asia Pacific, Melissa oversees Australia, Philippines and the USA; so her inbox never sleeps. Some would argue that Melissa doesn’t either – managing to go for a daily powerwalk, getting her two kids dressed, feeding her pets, and talking to Stellar’s Chairman – all before most of Australia is awake.

She’s fiercely proud to be part of a company with transparency and a lack of spin; with Open Book Management at its core. In her role she likens herself to a conductor of a finely-tuned orchestra, seeing her task as being the one who knows when to turn up the strings and bring in the drums. She notes that Stellar’s clients often remark on the palpable energy and passion of the team, and this might be part of the reason for the tenure of our client relationships.

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