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Padam Chirmuley

Group General Manager Human Resources

As the Group General Manager Human Resources, you could say Padam knows a thing or two about people. He’s a self-proclaimed extrovert; feeding off (and into) other people’s energy. It’s for this reason he rarely works from home, and prefers to spend time in our offices and centres. This is definitely welcomed by the staff, with Padam’s unflappable smile and his dapper suit & tie bringing a calming influence wherever he goes.

In his role Padam is immersed in everything that relates to an individual’s journey with Stellar; focusing on recruitment, learning & development, performance, remuneration, incentives and culture. He’s also on hand to provide pragmatic and practical people leadership advice to leaders across Stellar to help them achieve their objectives.

Despite starting his Stellar journey with no experience of outsourcing or Open Book Management (OBM), he’s embraced both wholeheartedly. In fact, it’s OBM that is his favourite thing about Stellar, because of how it engages every member of staff. He says, “explaining the ‘why’ behind decisions ensures that our people feel that they have an impact on Stellar’s results and are making a significant contribution to the company.”

It’s not just OBM where communication is key – with his extended team is spread across Australia and the Philippines, Padam is a pro at keeping the collaborative spirit alive across multiple communication channels.

When he’s not rushing from meeting to meeting, Padam enjoys taking his MX-5 for a spin, or sitting down with his family to watch an old black & white classic – his favourite’s The Big Sleep.

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