NPS and Employee Engagement

Last time I talked about some basic concepts to start the NPS journey, and the importance of ensuring the score was just the start of the journey and not the outcome.

A key element to becoming a customer centric organisation is engaging your front line employees. Ultimately, it is your front line team who engage with your customers and deliver outcomes.

Here are 6 simple tips to engage your people to drive NPS outcomes for your business and customers:

1. Education

Make sure your team understand what NPS is, how it is calculated, why you are measuring it and how it is part of an ongoing program to improve the customer experience. Let your team know how you will be communicating outcomes and how you want them to participate in the program. This is essential - otherwise NPS becomes background noise and the team will continue to focus on traditional KPIs.

2. Set a target

Once you have been running your program for a few months and understand your baseline score, set an aspirational target and a KPI for your contact centre to reach. Clearly communicate this and create a visual display in the centre that the team can track month on month. Include NPS as part of the centre’s scorecard to ensure it is a target for everyone.

3. NPS Champions

Establish NPS champions in your centre who meet each month, discuss results and help maintain focus and momentum. This team will help drive the ongoing program, keep the conversation going and support process and other changes. If you have a large centre we recommend one champion per team, as sharing and tracking team results is a very easy way to create involvement and a bit of healthy competition to deliver the right outcomes!

4. Feedback from employees

Your employees have a wealth of information about your customers, what frustrates them and what delights them. Make sure you workshop outcomes with your employees, collate ideas about what will work and what won’t. Once you have identified some drivers, workshop what you can do to change the process – sometimes the solution is a very simple one!

5. Sharing results

In addition to sharing the monthly number – preferably tracked each month and very visible in your centre – share results at team level if they are available. Create a team competition around their results and put in place rewards for the team with the best results. Don’t just focus on the number; share verbatim comments - both positive and negative - at centre gatherings and team meetings.

6. Rewarding results

Delivering great customer service is the responsibility of everyone in the centre. Make sure you reward the team when they reach or exceed targets. Celebrate together and make your NPS a critical focus. Also make sure to reward individuals – hand out certificates and publicly acknowledge positive customer feedback when an individual receives it – we have noticed many customers like to thank an individual by name in their verbatim comments – why don’t you thank them too!

NPS is all about the customer and this is the fundamental message you need to have in your centre. It is an outcome that is owned by everyone, not just a number that is put on the wall each month. If the customer is not at the centre of everything you do, measuring NPS will not help. Make the customer part of every conversation and make this the cornerstone of your focus and you will improve your NPS.



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