Stellar Rebranding

One of the great perils of parenting would have to be naming a child you haven’t met yet.  Hoping that they’ll be honest and courageous and bright, you give them a traditional, solid name – only to discover that they’re a free-wheeling hippy who desperately wishes that you’d called them Star-Panther.  They’ll grow, and change, and define themselves, but before that happens you have to label them with a name that they carry forever.

It’s a little like that when it comes to branding a business, isn’t it?  You set out with a view of what you’re building, and so often have no idea where the years will take you.  So you choose a name and a logo and a style that projects what you want to be right then, and boldly set off to be the best you can be.

Congratulations – it’s a beautiful baby BPO!

That’s how we started – a name to take us to the stars, and a hand-sketched logo that became home-base for our people.

Anyone in the outsourced customer relationship game will tell you how much has changed since that fateful day in 1998.

There’s this new-fangled internet thing, to begin with.  Customer self-service, web chat, social media support, communities – all beasts unheard of in the deep dark past of the late '90s.  What about virtual agents?  Intelligent IVR and routing?  Crazy-smart knowledge management tools?

The list is long, and exciting, and ever-changing, and all of these opportunities are now our new normal.

Our solutions, passions and customers have changed – but our face has stayed the same.

Growing pains: the teenage rebellion

25% of our people have been with us for five years or more, and the logo is as familiar as a surname – you see it every day, you use it, your subconscious recognises it when you’re not even thinking about it.  The next 25% have lived with it for over two years – and in this industry, that’s a long time.

Changing the logo is a big deal for us.  It’s a chance to distil all the things we are into a single, graphical idea – something to help propel us to our next chapter.  An image to better reflect our personality, our values, our people…something to capture Stellar.

It’s more than just a shape on paper to us.  Sure, it means updated documents aplenty, but it’s so much more than an admin task.  It’s a chance to celebrate everything we’ve achieved together – both with our people, and with our customers, some of whom have looked at the logo for as long as we have.

New skin, same heart

Ultimately, it’s a shiny new skin to wrap around what we’ve always been – the same Stellar heart that has driven us to this point, and will drive us further.  When we set out, the goal was really just to freshen up our look, but the process really brought us back to how much our brand means to our people, and our customers.  And sharing the changes with them has brought home just how ready they are to have the visual match how they feel about it.  And while this means that really, this change is for us - we’re just so excited about it that we wanted to share it with you all.

When I was born, my parents called me Erica, hoping it would be pretty enough and strong enough to last me through whatever life threw at me.  At the wise age of 16, I ditched my full name in favour of something that suited me better, because it was time to define who I wanted to be in the world.  I’ve gone by Rik ever since, and never looked back (though my parents maintain that their early programming excuses their occasional regression to “Erica”).

New skin, same heart – and I can’t wait to see where it takes us next.


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