Stellar at SXSW

To keep us at the cutting-edge of customer experience world best practice, some of the Stellar team went to SXSW in Austin, Texas. In this series of blogs I’ll be exploring what we learnt at SXSW, and what it means for our clients. 

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Gone are the days that you’d subscribe to an annual journal to read about advancements in technology and manage to stay up-to-date. Everything is advancing at such a rapid rate… new start-ups are launching daily, AI is on the horizon, and the amount of information shared is staggering.


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To really be ahead of the game you need to be constantly reading and researching, and making sure you get in on the ground floor.

At Stellar we want to understand the technological challenges of our clients; both the ones they’re facing now and they ones they’ll face tomorrow. Understanding what are the next waves of disruption that will hit our clients’ industries helps us work with them to prepare and thrive through these changes. This is why we sent a cohort of the team to SXSW; a massive conference in Austin, Texas that serves as an incubator for cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity.


Technology advances faster than this today – imagine telling a child today that you used to have to press the ‘7’ button four times to get an ‘S’!

Over the next few blogs, I’ll talk about what we learned at SXSW – the coolest robots, the scariest AI facts, and what it all means for our industry and the customer experience.


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