The Last Piece of the Internal Communication Puzzle

For some time, we had been searching for a communication platform to connect our people and enable productivity via social collaboration. It is easy to provide a new platform, but if it’s not a good fit for the culture, it means employees won’t engage and use it – so it’s vital to get this right.

As a social media platform, Facebook is well embedded into our personal lives, with almost 7 out of 10 Australians using it  every month. So when choosing an internal social collaboration platform that would fit our business, for us the decision was easy – we became one of the early adopters of Workplace by Facebook (formerly Facebook at Work).


“The true magic of Stellar is our culture. It’s what makes us a family, and we are united by it”. - Melissa Hamilton, CEO Stellar

Stellar was founded on Open Book Management principles, which we live and breathe every single day. This means educating our people about what’s going on in the business: keeping transparency, honesty and open communication at the forefront of our culture.

When we started looking for a new internal communication platform, the challenges were real. We have over 4000 employees, all over the world, and were using email, notice-boards, TV monitors and an intranet that takes some time to get your head around. Good communication is vital for us to be able to do our jobs and keep our OBM culture alive and kicking.

The results

Workplace gives us somewhere to celebrate success, have fun, engage at a team level about specific projects and empower people to innovate.

Virtual skip-level meetings

Our leaders love connecting with our people and our people love connecting with our leaders. But it doesn’t always need to be face to face, does it? Since the implementation of Workplace we have been able to run virtual ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions where our people can directly engage with our leaders.

The engagement through these half-hour sessions is amazing and it shows that our business is full of curiosity, innovation and engaged individuals. Phone agents on the other side of Australia have been able to directly ask the CEO about her future plans, what she eats for breakfast and what her advice is for new leaders.


Updates on the go

We recently sent a team of Stellar people to SXSW in Austin, Texas. They created a group and kept everyone back at home up-to-date with photos, videos and downloads of what they were learning. The phone app looks and feels like Facebook, making it easy to update on the go without learning a new tool.


Building new connections

Stellar is spread all over the world, and Workplace gives us the opportunity to “meet” people we otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to. It has created a virtual workspace; a site we can access wherever we are, keeping us connected with our colleagues.

Stellar’s culture was already one of our key strengths, and we didn’t need to change it. We just needed a tool to help us enhance it – to get a foundation to connect, collaborate and communicate with our people.



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