Rik Johnson

Rik is part of Stellar’s General Management group, currently working with our clients to deliver transformational customer experiences in the operations space. 

She has previously worked in product management, solution development, project management and commercial relationship management, and has over 13 years’ operational experience. Rik is inherently optimistic and enthusiastic, and brings this energy to each new product or problem she encounters. 

She’s a keen traveller, with adventures in Antarctica, South America and Europe under her belt. Her next trip – maybe Greenland, maybe Morocco – will have to wait a few years though, as she’s currently busy embracing her newest role as a mum.

Some Assembly Required: Building an Outsourcing Relationship

Have you built an outsourcing relationship from the ground up? No? Do you have experience with building a piece of flat-pack furniture? Well, then you're qualified to join Rik as she goes through the three steps to assembling your perfect business partnership.

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Transformation: It's Not Just for Sunny Days

It’s not a new conversation, and it really should be the foundation of every strategic conversation between a BPO provider and their client: how are we transforming your business?

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Stellar Rebranding

Changing the logo is a big deal for us. It’s a chance to distil all the things we are into a single, graphical idea – something to help propel us to our next chapter. An image to better reflect our personality, our values, our people…something to capture Stellar.

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Evolving the Art of Conversation

Not so long ago, the art of conversation involved simply mastering your words and manners while in the same room as someone else. Then the contact centre arrived, and skills mastered in the face-to-face world transformed to rely on voice alone. Now, the digital age is driving us to even greater evolution

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Customer-Centric Culture

Last week I attended a conference on Enhancing Government Customer service, and it was so interesting to hear from various departments and suppliers about their challenges and ideas for transforming service. It was a universal goal – whether empowering customers through self-service, or shifting organisational attitudes, everyone was focused on putting the customer at the heart of everything.

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