Rachel O'Loughlin

Chief Operating Officer

Rachel O’Loughlin joined Stellar in 2001.

Rachel has performed the Chief Operating Officer role since October 2014, being responsible for service delivery to Stellar’s Australian clients across 8 sites, 2000+ employees. Rachel’s business delivers over 60% of Stellar’s revenues today, and in the past five years she has led the successful growth of Stellar’s domestic business into the Government sector.

As a contact centre professional, Rachel has over 15 years’ experience gained in domestic and international markets, with prior experience in the telecommunications and consulting industries. Rachel has diverse expertise across a range functions including sales and new business solutions, project implementations, multi-site operations and client account management. In addition, she has specific expertise with Greenfield operational start-ups including Stellar Restaurant Solutions in Colorado USA.

Rachel spends her spare time as a serious hobby farmer, avid podcast devotee and ever curious about innovation.


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