Rachel O'Loughlin

Chief Operating Officer

With the responsibility of 2000 staff across seven locations, it’d be fair to say that Rachel keeps busy. She’s a multi-tasking pro who speaks as fast as she thinks, and it’s extremely rare to see her at her desk – she’s the ultimate mobile worker, taking calls and writing emails in transit.

She’s been with us since 1998, starting in a role in the Business Solutions team. She was recruited by a friend into a team full of familiar faces, and so even from her first day, the company has felt like family. Rachel has worked across a number of roles in multiple countries, giving her a bird’s eye view of Stellar.

It’s the nuts and bolts that she immerses herself in now, with the overall responsibility to keep everything working and running in the right direction.

It’s been two years since she first took on the role of COO, and she is still excited to get the chance to learn new things – whether that’s about a new product offering, client, sales opportunity – or uncovering new talent in our business. She is proud to be a part of the Stellar family, and feels it’s a privilege to lead a talented, passionate and dedicated operating team.


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