Our Culture

The true magic of Stellar is our culture. It’s what makes us a family, and we are united by it.

We know that the best way to serve our clients is to put together bright, agile teams of diverse and entrepreneurial people who are deeply engaged in their business. We know that when staff feel valued, they shine the brightest – so we invest in them as deeply as we do as our clients.

Our staff come from all walks of life, and everyone is welcome at Stellar. We celebrate the diversity of our teams and what the variety of cultures and backgrounds can bring to your business.

The tenure of our team is unmatched in the outsourcing industry, and that means keeping knowledge, talent and passion within the walls of our business.

Open Book Management

We embrace the principles of Open Book Management (OBM), developed over 30 years ago by Jack Stack. It’s the key to our success, and our clients agree.

Since we were a start-up in 1998 we’ve embraced the philosophy behind OBM, and it continues to resonate deeply in the business today.

We educate our people to understand your industry, why you’ve chosen to partner with us and what you want to achieve.

We enable our staff to track and understand their performance, rewarding them through our unique profit-share program.

Openness flows through to our partnerships. We want to understand what drives your business and how we can help you succeed; and we’ll incentivise our people to make this happen.

How does OBM work?

There are three simple elements to making OBM work, highlighting why it’s called The Great Game of Business:

  1. Teach people the rules: what does it mean to win?

  2. Keep score: people need to know how they’re going, and have the ability to change outcomes quickly.

  3. Share a stake in the outcome through profit sharing.

Stellar’s CEO, Kelli Hayes, explains why OBM is so important:

“A common analogy I have heard is imagine turning up to your first ever baseball or cricket game with no idea of the rules – this is often the case with most employees with regards to business. OBM turns business into a game that engages all players.”

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