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Who is Stellar Evolve?

Stellar Evolve is the consulting arm of Stellar Asia Pacific that brings together Stellar’s award winning contact centre experience and consulting expertise. Our team are practitioners in driving operational performance, customer strategies and optimal customer outcomes across multiple industries and service types.

Whether designing a program to build your strategic program of work, a performance management framework or simply understanding where your processes can be improved we can help.

We have assisted our clients to drive transformational change including creation of digital solutions through to designing optimum digital operational practices and much more. Our experiences crosses multiple industries from travel and energy through to government, retail, manufacturing and ombudsman services.

We are results driven, offering solutions with practical and tangible business outcomes for your organisation.

What can we do?

Contact Centre Optimisation

We want to help you turn your contact centre into an efficient and high-functioning service. We’ll help you identify current operational issues, identify best practices, develop new strategies and frameworks, and turn your confusion into clarity.

  • Operational health checks and benchmarking
    Not sure what’s wrong? We can do an operational health check and provide you with an implementation plan for resolving your issues.
  • Operation management strategies
    We can implement operational scorecards and provide a process improvement roadmap for specific processes.
  • Workforce optimisation
    Having the right people in the right place at the right time is critical to your contact centre success. We can review your workforce tools, planning and strategy to optimise outcomes.
  • Business process mapping and design
    We will build a detailed process map of your workflows, with recommendations to improve your processes.

Knowledge Management Solutions

Providing consistent, accurate and relevant information to your customers is essential and empowering your staff with that information is critical to your future success. Turning many voices into one message is essential. Stellar supports knowledge solutions through a range of tailored programs.

  • Knowledge Healthchecks
    We can review your current knowledge content and usage to identify how to improve conteet, design and usage to help you get the most out of your solution.
  • Training
    We support most of the major knowledge platforms and can train your team to understand and optimise your content.
  • Styles and Standard Designs
    Having the a simple and engaging format allows your front line staff to access the information quickly and effectively.
  • Business process writer resourcing
    Implementing a new knowledge system? We can help design and then support you with additional process writers to get you up and running.

Digital Transformation

Everyone’s talking digital, but not everyone knows how to do it. Digital customer service comes with a new host of customer needs that Stellar Evolve can help you untangle.

  • Design new customer journeys
    We will work with you to balance customer preferences, a drive towards digital, and a reduction in cost to serve. We will help you find the best channels for your brand and how best to use them.
  • Identify best practice solutions
    Wow your customers, reduce your cost to serve and get it right the first time.
  • Optimise your digital engagement by linking customer needs, design and application
    Do your customers need robotics, social media, live chat, or just a reliable phone number? We’ll help you discover the sweet spot of customer needs and digital strategy.
  • Operationalise your digital solutions
    Designing a digital future plan is just the start. You may need to redesign and re-engage your workforce in new ways, requiring new skills and processes. With experience embedding digital solutions we can simplify your operational change program.

Customer Insights

Every customer interaction is teeming with data, and with the right extraction and analysis process, you can understand how best to serve your customers.

  • On-demand CX lab
    Our on-demand CX lab allows you to get customer insights when you need them, whether that’s all day every day, or just focusing on one month.
  • Quality framework
    Drive operational performance improvements by assessing the quality of your customer interactions.
  • Customer experience frameworks and designs
    After a quality review, let’s create a customer experience framework and a scorecard: tailored to you and your customers.
  • Customer journey mapping
    Develop a customer-centric service vision through journey mapping. We focus on mapping the customer interaction to help you understand how you really impact your customers.

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Customer care was what Stellar began with in 1998, with just one client and one call centre. From these humble beginnings we’ve grown our footprint and our capabilities, but at our core, we are still passionate about people and passionate about customers.

What happens when Australia’s most trusted contact centre provider decides to unlock its secrets? Talk to Stellar Evolve consulting for contact centre optimisation, digital transformation and customer insights.

The right credit management strategy is key to helping customers maintain a positive relationship with your brand. Outsourcing to Stellar means lowering your costs, effectively managing your debt collections with a focus on improving your customer relationships.

IVR can streamline the process for your company and your agents while achieving greater levels of customer engagement and caller satisfaction.

Social media is the new word-of-mouth. It has never been more critical to engage with your customers online.

Rich insights are held within your customer phone calls, but with millions of interactions a year, it’d be impossible to manually monitor each one.

Outbound can be – and should be – customer centric, engaging, and a key part of your customer engagement strategy.

A successful engagement strategy will turn your website into a living, breathing part of your business — a hub where customers can kick off conversations, get support and be enticed into your world.

​Every client’s needs are different, influenced by their industry, customer-base and business goals. This is why Stellar has developed a ‘rightshoring’ model, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to outsourcing.

Stellar’s proprietary software cStar® has been built to efficiently handle customer interactions across multiple channels. It’s the bridge between your brand, our agents and your customer.

To deliver a superior customer experience, each function in your business needs to operate as smoothly as possible. An efficient and organised back-office is a well-oiled machine, eliminating wasted time and misspent resource.

In today’s busy world, your customers are bombarded with advertising and calls to action from all channels and directions. Don’t let your vital messages get lost in this scattergun approach.

We’ll support your recruitment needs and help you hire the right people. Work with us to free up time and resources so you can focus on growing your business.

We know your organisation has many products and services, and in today’s changing world, they are evolving constantly. You need your frontline staff to have the most up-to-date information, so that your team and your customers all speak the same story.

Replace repetitive tasks with our intelligent automation solution. Our virtual workforce can increase efficiency, accuracy and handle multiple transactions simultaneously.