Pioneer innovative technology

Customer conversations were once owned by companies.

They were one-directional and controlled.

Now, technology has empowered your customer with limitless ways to make their voice heard – and they are using this power to take control of the conversation.

What's around the corner?

The role of the contact centre has evolved, through a combination of technology and a changing customer mindset.

This is only the beginning. The contact centre of the future isn’t a reactive call centre. It’s an omni-channel relationship hub. And we can take you there.

Personal and immediate

Today’s customer demands personalised and immediate attention from their supplier. The rise of agile disrupters like Uber and Airbnb have changed the face of customer service, showing customers new ways of doing business.

Your customers need you to know them, to value them, and to meet them on every channel. This is a huge challenge. With technology’s rate of change, by the time you have set up your company’s Facebook page, the rules have changed. 

Death of the call centre?

The digital-based future won’t mean the death of the call centre — but instead the birth of an omni-channel solution designed to help customers help themselves. By integrating digital and traditional channels, your company can lower costs while cutting down on the time it takes your customer to solve their problem.

Stellar provides the digital customer with a comprehensive range of services, each with unique qualities to offer. Your customer can opt for social media, cloud-based IVR, web chat, SMS, email, inbound – with the list continuing to grow. 

Limitless potential

Stellar has in-house capabilities with our low-cost workforce management solution cStar®, and we also enjoy long-lasting and solid relationships with many software providers. Despite this, we are not bound to any one provider or solution. We approach each client relationship with a fresh start to find the best solution for their particular needs.

We consider our clients true partners, and we have invested in the transformation of our clients’ businesses to deliver the right outcomes. Our proof of concepts have gone on to become implemented solutions.

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