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To deliver a superior customer experience, each function in your business needs to operate as smoothly as possible. An efficient and organised back-office is a well-oiled machine, eliminating wasted time and misspent resource.

Stellar provides extensive back of house processing for our clients. They’re spread across different industries, with a wide range of transaction needs.

Stellar’s capabilities

Our range of transaction types is varied and extensive, and we continue to add to it as our clients move into new areas and discover new challenges.

Whether it’s credit card payments, direct debit management, disconnections, complaint emails, refund processing, travel bookings or ombudsman liaison – we’ve delivered it and exceeded our clients’ expectations.

Stellar will find the best solution for your particular needs. Multi-skilled agents can handle back of house functions as well as customer facing, to maximise efficiency. We can deliver a ‘rightshore’ solution, with a mix of services delivered in Australia the Philippines and the USA. Or we can offer flexible scalable solutions to fit your objectives.


Our proprietary cStar® software offers a scalable and flexible solution for back office workflow campaigns whilst providing the highest levels of automation, efficiency, data integrity, security and detailed operational and performance reporting.

Many of our existing clients have gained major cost savings, increased efficiencies and reaped many other benefits by introducing cStar’s work flow environment into their organisation.

  • Detailed reporting
  • Work distributed according to agent availability to maximise efficiencies
  • Real time management of queues and agents
  • Prioritise work tasks from various sources

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The results

We’ve handled hundreds of thousands of transactions and it’s taught us a lot.

For one client, we’ve reduced turnaround times from 3 days to 24 hours. For another, we handled 730k calls over 12 weeks. We’ve delighted clients and renewed contracts — one client relationship still going strong after 12 years.

We’re proud of what we can do.

  • 82% accuracy in automatic allocation of emails
  • 86% reduction in FTE managing work allocation
  • 69% reduction in FTE managing back of house transactions
  • 66% cost savings for back office processing from our Manila centre

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