cStar® workflow management

Stellar’s proprietary software cStar® is designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients without needing to license expensive third-party options. It has been built to efficiently handle customer interactions across multiple channels; with functionality across

  • customer relationship management
  • workflow and case management, and
  • campaign management.  

We launched cStar in 2002 to handle inbound and outbound campaigns. With each new partnership came new demands and challenges, so we kept building on our software. Today cStar is a mature workflow and case-management solution that we continue to invest in.

It’s the bridge between your brand, our agents and your customer.


cStar can be used as a standalone system for your end-to-end customer journey, or integrated with your existing systems to handle just one element. As the architects of cStar’s code, we can scale it up — or down — quickly and cost-effectively.

Our speed to market is second-to-none: whether it’s in implementation, build or updates. We reuse templates and action your requests in-house.

Streamline your workflow management

cStar categorises, allocates and tracks works across multiple channels. It sorts work based on how important the transaction is, so your customers are serviced in the best order to minimise churn.

Dashboards and reporting

For each customer, cStar can show a 360° view of different interactions over weeks or months – whether that’s through SMS, email, voice or back-of-house.

Our suite of reports has been built organically over time as we’ve looked for new ways to solve client challenges.

Out of the box you can discover your conversion rate, throughput, occupancy, how a specific agent is performing against KPIs, and list penetration. Need reporting cStar doesn’t already offer? Tell us what you want to see, and we’ll build it.

Outbound dialer

cStar is fully integrated with our Aspect Unified IP dialer. Without a dialer platform, outbound agents only average 15 minutes talking per hour. An integrated dialer and cStar solution means agents spend at least 45 minutes talking per hour.

Read more about outbound here

Information services

cStar houses an information services module, with a library of frequently asked questions. Our agents will have the answers to your clients’ complex questions in seconds, with rich search functionality ensuring there is no waiting time.

Agent efficiency

A unified desktop gives agents everything they need –from scripting and call-flow to customer information, interaction history and agent performance statistics.

Learning to use cStar is simple – and as it is wizard-driven, agents can be up and running in a few hours. New agents can focus their training on what’s important: your brand, your product and your voice.

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