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Customer care was how Stellar started in 1998, with just one client and one call centre. From these humble beginnings we’ve grown our footprint and our capabilities, but at our core, we are still passionate about people and passionate about customers.

Our approach is to work collaboratively; engaging with our clients, suppliers and our internal functional areas to plan, design, and deliver services and solutions that delight our clients and their customers.

We do this by building long-lasting relationships with our clients. We incentivise our staff to truly understand your business and your goals through our profit-sharing program. Your success is our success, and we consider ourselves true partners with our clients.

Our dedicated and passionate teams will put your customers first. 


We have invested in the establishment of a routing platform that offers:

  • high capacity
  • full redundancy
  • geographical distribution
  • omni-channel solutions.

At the core of the service is our Avaya Interaction Centre, with a total capacity of over 40,000 agent positions.

To cater for changing consumer expectations and the changing technology landscape, we have embarked on a transformation program to integrate a wide variety of digital channels into our offering.

This investment enables us to offer a fully integrated solution without the need for upfront capital or a major IT overhaul to existing infrastructure. 


Our speech analytics programs take sentiment from the voice of the customer to understand if what we're doing is working - leading to improved business metrics across customer churn, sales yield, and improved customer advocacy.

Read more on our Speech Analytics service page


At Stellar's core is Open Book Management. We teach every member of staff the intricacies of the business and how their contribution makes a difference. Our agents are incentivised to improve your bottom line; with their financial rewards directly linked to performance. 

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