Knowledge management

With an effective Knowledge Management system you can boost productivity, ensure consistency and enjoy improved customer satisfaction.

Intelligence is key to your business and the ability to get up-to-date and relevant information to your customers is a core component of excellent customer service. We know your organisation has many products and services, and in today’s changing world, they are evolving constantly. You need your frontline staff to have the most up-to-date information, so that your team and your customers all speak the same story.

How does it work?

Our knowledge management system and process will ensure information can be updated instantly and shared throughout your team.

We have 18 years of experience in setting up and managing knowledge systems for our clients, developing keen understanding of best practice — currently supporting our agents across the globe.

We know all too well that keeping these systems up to date is time consuming for an in-house operation. Why not trust the knowledge experts?

  • Ensure one consistent truth, making life easier for your agents and your customers.
  • Tackle ongoing management of change requests for content.
  • Professional writing, reviewing and authoring of process.
  • Proven experience with multiple clients.
  • Operational structure to cover all required job roles.

Benefits of implementation

It’s not just the increased quality and compliance. A robust knowledge management system will ensure:

  • Consistent customer experience
  • Reduced AHT
  • Reduced training times and improved speed to competency for new agents
  • Tracking of agent comprehension of process updates
  • Improved information accuracy communicated to customers
  • Improved First Contact Resolution rate
  • Increased process compliance.

Stellar has experience across a range of platforms and can design the right solution for your business from scratch; or simply optimise your existing implementation.

What’s our experience?

For one client in the energy industry, our implementation resulted in:

  • 25% reduction in AHT
  • 60% lower floor support requirement
  • 60% reduction in speed to competency.

We currently manage >1000 users across utilities, travel and transport and government. In most cases we managed the full project implementation right through to the ongoing change management support, but each client is different, and we are flexible in our approach.

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