Every client’s needs are different, influenced by their industry, customer-base and business goals. This is why Stellar has developed a ‘rightshoring’ model, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to outsourcing.

Some clients have legal requirements about employing Australian citizens, or simply prefer to have agents with local knowledge. Other clients need to keep their cost to serve low while still providing exemplary service.

What can rightshoring do for your business?

Benefits of rightshoring:

  • Fit the task to the best agent, ensuring cost-to-serve is kept low while actively improving the customer experience
  • Adds language capabilities to serve more of your customers in their native tongue.

Stellar’s rightshoring capabilities

To meet our clients’ needs, Stellar has locations around Australia, the Philippines, Singapore & USA . We work with our clients to discover the perfect solution for them – maybe it means keeping their operation entirely in Australia near their head office; maybe it means offshoring to the Philippines to take advantage of the language capabilities; or maybe it means a mix of both.

Stellar has an operational executive in each country, with complete authority and oversight of operations in their respective markets. This ensures all operations are held to a high standard and can deliver the desired outcomes for our clients.

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