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Outbound hasn’t always enjoyed the best reputation. Be honest. When you hear the word, do you think of a pushy salesperson peddling a product you don’t want, ringing just as you’re sitting down to dinner?

Reality is, outbound can be – and should be – customer centric, engaging, and a key part of your customer engagement strategy. It’s your opportunity to proactively improve the service you offer your customers, and with cutting-edge technology and a wealth of insight available through big data and customer research, it’s a channel that deserves a new reputation.

What can proactive outbound do for your business?

Benefits of proactive outbound:

  • Engage your customers when and where they want to be contacted – with a targeted approach and offer, designed around their needs and preferences.
  • Discover brand new leads through digital channels.
  • Use lower-cost and less intrusive methods like SMS and email, if that’s what your customers want.
  • Enhance brand advocacy and customer loyalty.

Stellar’s outbound capabilities

The critical consideration in delivering warm outbound campaigns is protecting the value of your leads. These are your customers, your relationships. We understand how important it is to deliver the same customer-centric experience on an outbound interaction that your customers expect when they initiate contact with you.

That’s why our clients have chosen us to nurture their outbound campaigns across industries from telecommunications and travel, to utilities and education, financial services and even government.  


The data is all held in our customer interaction management platform, cStar®. Our bespoke software consolidates customer profiles, customer interaction and purchase history and can connect to your CRM, billing and provisioning systems for a single view of each customer.

For outbound workflows, cStar can:

  • Manage technical contact – dialling, connecting and routing of calls
  • Deliver automated multi-channel contacts
  • Integrate data from multiple sources into a single agent presentation
  • Provide scripting and call guides for the agent
  • Provide end to end processes to be able to track and monitor customer interactions
  • Provide detailed reporting on your customer interactions.

Dialler efficiency

cStar can be fully integrated with dialler software, and we have a long-lasting relationship with Aspect – using their Unifed IP for our outbound sales and services.

Without dialler software, outbound agents average 15 minutes talking per hour, with most of their time spent listening to a busy signal or answer phone messages. An integrated dialler and cStar solution means agents can spend up to 45 minutes talking per hour.

List management

We maximise the effectiveness of our dialler capability, and your valuable dialling list, through targeted and bespoke dialling and list management strategies. Our professional dialler managers assess real-time data and historical trends to determine who to call, on what device, at what point in time, enhancing both contact rates and conversion outcomes. On large services, we can even get to the detail of matching customer profiles with suitable sellers.

One client’s story

We’ve been long-term partners of a tourism client, managing their customer relationships and sales activities. In June 2015 we added an outbound campaign to proactively engage their customers, and to help grow their direct business.

We established a premium specialised outbound team, tasking each agent with management of their own portfolio of leads. Their job was to reach out to these past passengers via phone and email, hear their stories, and help find the right new experiences to suit their current needs.

The number of contacts, the timing of the contact, and the channel was up to the agent and the customer.

The results were:

  • 50% conversion
  • $5.8 million in incremental revenue in 12 months.

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