Self-service IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is one of our favourite challenges. It’s a channel that many customers find frustrating, with the impression that it’s a barrier between them and the person who can help them.

For us, this means an exciting opportunity; to be able to deliver a superior customer experience and show customers how this channel benefits them as well as the company they’re engaging with.

Benefits to your company

IVR can streamline the process for your company and your agents, doing some of the legwork behind the scenes. Voice biometrics can assess your customer’s authentication, freeing up your agents time to focus on giving your customer a better experience.

Reducing the demand on your agents ultimately drives costs down; with the simpler transactions taken care of without a human touch.

Benefits to your customer

Your customers want to feel valued. They want to be able to solve their problem as quickly as possible. The reality is that for a simple interaction, customers don’t want to sit in a queue. Integrating IVR with a voice solution is one way to demonstrate to your customers that you value their time. Offer an efficient and precise way to make sure your customers are connected with the right agent, or offer options that empower them to help themselves.

We’ve found that a carefully integrated IVR solution ultimately achieves greater levels of customer engagement and caller satisfaction.  

How Stellar can help

Stellar offers a spectrum of IVR – from simple inbound to complex pre-routing and outbound services that use speech recognition and text-to-speech.

Features include:

  • Voice biometrics customer authentication
  • Self-service for support ticket queries
  • Automated telephone surveys
  • Automated collections solutions
  • Customer appointment management
  • 100% cloud-based platform: with data centres in Australia and USA

Set up and implementation can be done quickly and in-house, without the need for external development.

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