SMS messaging

In today’s busy world, your customers are bombarded with advertising and calls to action from all channels and directions. Don’t let your vital messages get lost in this scattergun approach. SMS messaging is a lightweight and fast communication method, with a 97% open rate instantly getting your customers attention. It’s the ideal solution for short messages that you need to be seen.

Send a note directly to your customers, prospects or employees; with confirmation of delivery ensuring your message gets through.

Reach new prospects with marketing messages and promotional offers. Keep in touch with your current customers through appointment reminders, password notification, multi-factor authentication and event management. And keep your company running smoothly with messages to field staff and system notifications – all tapping into real-time systems for the most up-to-date information.

What can SMS messaging do for your business?

Key features:

  • Deliver a 97% open rate, giving you the confidence your message has gone through – with a 700% higher open rate than email.
  • Multiple interactions through different contact methods
  • Quick and painless implementation, with no software needed.
  • Cost-effective
  • High response rates
  • Real time delivery

How does it work?

Your message is uploaded through a portal, creating a visual that displays the message how it will be seen across multiple devices.

Keep the message a simple broadcast, opt for a branded SMS or even offer two-way communication.


What results can it bring?

Key results:

  • 91% of SMS messages are read within 10 minutes of being received
  • High contact rates with 99.99% of SMS messages delivered
  • 97% of SMS messages are opened
  • Lower cost to communicate

Our SMS system is reliable, quick and easy to implement; and we can have your message out to your contacts within minutes. You can add your website link and measure your own click-through rate to see how effective this contact method really is. Personalise and schedule to meet your business and contact needs.

The technology

Founded in 2001, the technology we use is provided by one of the most experienced players in the SMS messaging and mobile business solutions space in Australia.

With thousands of customers, ranging from small businesses through to blue chip corporations, this provider is proud that clients have relied on them to implement a wide range of SMS-based applications.

Because quality and reliability are two of the most important considerations for business customers, the provider has invested heavily in our support network and have built strong relationships with Australia's leading telecommunications providers to guarantee impeccable standards of message deliverability.


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