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Connect with your customers in a whole new way through social care, and understand them better through our social analytics solutions.

Social media is the new word-of-mouth. It has never been more critical to engage with your customers online. The digital consumer of today has more choice, wider access to branded and customer content and deeper engagement due to the proliferation of digital devices and platforms intertwined in their everyday lives. Customers now complain, engage, recommend, buy and advocate for brands in social channels. By meeting your customers in their preferred environment, you can offer a more personalised experience, increasing brand loyalty and revenue.

What can social media engagement do for your business?

Benefits of social media engagement:

  • Improve Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and reduce customer effort by engaging with your customers in an environment they are comfortable in.
  • Create high value, long-term advocates for your brand by increasing engagement with targeted, research-based marketing
  • Reduce churn rates by engaging with your detractors in a public forum, proving/reinforcing the transparency and honesty of your customer focus
  • Reveal the voice of your customer with real-time insights and product analysis through social listening.

How does it work?

Stellar’s social media suite has been developed across a range of industries including government, transport, tourism, telecommunications and manufacturing. Our experiences across all these verticals make us the industry leaders in social media customer care solutions.

Our Digital Centre of Excellence program defines best-in-breed processes for making sure our clients’ social channels are operated with contact centre efficiency as well as the personalisation required to be relevant and successful in these environments.

Stellar has proven experience in transforming social media environments from online complaint centres into pro-active resolution channels, reducing churn and ultimately turning social media platforms into a new marketing channel for prospective customers researching your brand.

What results can it bring?

We implemented a social media service solution with a Government transport client, and in the first 12 months we:

  • Delivered a 24/7 social media solution with an average response time of under 20 minutes
  • Grew their Twitter community by nearly 600% to over 55,000 followers
  • Drove a 28% increase in positive sentiment around the brand.


Click on the image below to download our Social Media product description.

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