Speech analytics

Rich insights are held within your customer phone calls, but with millions of interactions a year, it’d be impossible to manually monitor each one. 

It’s the trends you can only see when you have the ability to listen across all agents and customer segments.

It’s the timing of flare-ups in customer complaints in relation to your marketing campaigns. 

It’s the emotions your customers exhibit and how these translate into sales, churn or NPS results.

What can speech analytics do for your business?

Benefits of speech analytics:

  • Uncover trends with complaints and escalations. Learn when to intervene in a customer’s journey to make sure you don’t lose their business.
  • Learn about why you have repeat calls and what you could do to avoid them. Is there a specific billing issue that could be avoided with a change in your website content? Could forgotten payments be avoided with an SMS blast?
  • Investigate internal processes and ensure there are no gaps in agent knowledge to streamline your contact centre operation.
  • Identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, increasing revenue.
  • Truly understand the voice of your customer and translate insights into NPS improvement.

How does it work?

Stellar’s speech analytics solution analyses voice calls and transforms them into text, pulling out customer sentiment through the identification of key customer language triggers and indicators.

It automatically applies keywords, so calls can be sorted by specific issues. After a few days, trends start to develop, and we can uncover quick wins for your business.

The solution works at improving customer satisfaction, reducing churn, uncovering competitor intelligence, discovering service issues, improving agent performance and reporting on campaign effectiveness. 

What results can it bring?

We implemented speech analytics for a client within the energy industry, and were pleased to be able to deliver:

  • 25% positive increase in NPS score
  • 18% reduction in repeat calls with continual insights and initiatives going live to further reduce this number
  • 7% reduction in complaints after optimising complaint handling processes.

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