Stellar Trends & Insights Report: April 2017

Join us to discover the latest trends in our industry and customer experience. In this issue: WhatsApp your payments, using AI to improve watch sales, and an augmented reality test-drive.

The Stellar Trends & Insights Report keeps us at the cutting edge of trends in our industry and in customer experience. It kicks off internal conversations at Stellar about how our clients might be impacted, and how we can make improvements to our business to navigate change.

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Westpac is simplifying the mobile payment process

Westpac has launched “Keyboard”, a feature developed together with fintech start-up PayKey that allows the bank’s customers to perform transactions without having to exit their social, chat or SMS apps. Keyboard is an extension of the Westpac Live iPhone Mobile Banking App and is available on iOS devices. Users can send money to family and friends directly within any of their favourite applications including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, WeChat and traditional SMS.

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Keeping watch on customer insights

Titan taps into IBM Watson to target customer loyalty improvements

India–based manufacturer of watches and accessories, Titan, is integrating IBM Watson Customer Engagement Solutions in their online platform with the aim to increase sales and attract new customers. Watson will enable the company to tailor online campaigns that will consider customers’ preferences, past purchases and real-time behaviour with the use of analytics. The aim is to double the average amount of purchases its customer base makes with them per year, from 1.5 to 3.

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Finding your Compass direction with AR

Jeep adds Augmented Reality to the showroom experience

Prospective Jeep purchasers in Europe are now able to look into the new Jeep Compass before it is physically available in the showroom with the use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

The technology allows consumers to hold a device enabled by Tango (Google’s smartphone AR technology) to look inside the car and configure specs such as external colours and wheel options.

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