Stellar Trends & Insights Report: August 2017

Join us to discover the latest trends in our industry and customer experience. In this issue: digital finances, robo-recruiting and the arrival of Bixby to Australian shores.

The Stellar Trends & Insights Report keeps us at the cutting edge of trends in our industry and in customer experience. It kicks off internal conversations at Stellar about how our clients might be impacted, and how we can make improvements to our business to navigate change.

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Don’t talk to me

Australian banking customers only want to speak to people if they have to

According to a report from Avaya and YouGov, Australian banking customers prefer a digital-first approach when it comes to dealing with their finances. The report titled “Customer Experience in Banking 2017” indicated that 28% of ~1,200 customers surveyed would prefer to contact banks via their websites.

While only 19% of customers would prefer a mobile app, 58% of 18-24 year olds regularly use mobile banking services.

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The remarkable reality of robo-recruiting

Having a job interview with a chatbot is now possible

A bot that conducts automated pre-screening interviews by chat has been launched by GrabJobs, the first company to do so in South East Asia. The tool, Artificial Intelligence Recruitment Assistant (AIRA), replaces the typical “Apply Now” button with an “Interview Now” button. Once this is selected, the recruiter bot initiates a chat-based conversation to ask the pre-screening interview questions defined by the employer. GrabJobs plan to upgrade it with personality quizzes and job recommendations; making it a one-stop-shop for job seekers.

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"Bixby, who is Bixby?"

Samsung makes an entry into the burgeoning voice assistant market in Australia

Samsung’s take on the increasingly popular voice assistant product, Bixby, is now available on its latest smartphones in Australia. Some of its functionalities include voice-activated compatibility for sending photos, changing the phone’s settings, translating signs and recognising landmarks. However it has a way to go until recognising Australian slang such as “g’day”, “brolly” and “sanger”, which will be made possible via upcoming software updates.

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