Stellar Trends & Insights Report: February 2017

Join us to discover the latest trends in our industry and customer experience. In this issue: automated burgers, first-home buyers leaning on parents, and using location data to improve customer experience.

The Stellar Trends & Insights Report keeps us at the cutting edge of trends in our industry and in customer experience. It kicks off internal conversations at Stellar about how our clients might be impacted, and how we can make improvements to our business to navigate change.

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McDonald’s trials an automated burger dispenser for free Big Macs

A McDonald’s in Boston gave away free Big Macs through an automated burger dispenser as part of a promotional campaign. Customers only had to input their Twitter handles to “withdraw” their free burgers. Does this hint at a more automated future for the famous burger chain?

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This future feels ever closer…

Repayments from the ‘rents

First home buyers increasingly dependent on ‘the bank of mum & dad’

A study on Australian first-time home buyers has revealed how inter-generational finance comes into play. More first time buyers are getting help from parents – up to 54% for Q4 2016, approximately a 10% increase on the prior year. This help can vary, from providing a loan to pay a deposit, assistance with transaction expenses, or ongoing support for mortgage repayments.

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New location analytics in several Queensland airports to improve customer experience

Queensland Airports Limited (QAL), which owns and operates Gold Coast, Townsville, Mount Isa and Longreach Airports, has implemented new Wi-Fi and location analytics capabilities in their airports to improve the customer experience. Through using location and presence data, QAL can better analyse guests’ journeys throughout the terminals to identify opportunities to reduce wait times in busy areas and provide signage in optimal locations. They are also exploring the opportunity to provide real-time targeted marketing campaigns.

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