Stellar Trends & Insights Report: June 2017

Join us to discover the latest trends in our industry and customer experience. In this issue: iMessage Business Chat, artificial intelligence figuring out the ideal price, and virtual reality stock images to change the game.

The Stellar Trends & Insights Report keeps us at the cutting edge of trends in our industry and in customer experience. It kicks off internal conversations at Stellar about how our clients might be impacted, and how we can make improvements to our business to navigate change.

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Apple set to take a share of the business chat pie

iOS 11 to introduce new platform

Apple has announced iMessage Business Chat, its attempt to compete with Facebook Messenger. The platform will be part of iOS 11 and will allow users to start a conversation with a business by opening an iMessage window. Business Chat will also be integrated with platforms including LivePerson and Salesforce.

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When AI thinks it knows how much you want to spend

Data and dynamic pricing

Artificial intelligence is making it possible for retailers to move from fixed to dynamic pricing. Prices have traditionally been dictated by the law of supply and demand, but AI has added into the calculation the maximum price a customer is willing to pay. Dynamic pricing takes a customer’s data trail and uses it to determine how responsive they are to special offers or predict how much they are willing to spend.

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Gett(y)ing onto a new VR jaunt

If a picture tells a thousand words…

US stock photo agency Getty Images has entered into the virtual reality (VR) market through an exclusive global distribution partnership with VR company Jaunt. Customers will now be able to access Jaunt’s 360-degree stereo videos through Getty Images’ websites traditionally used as a major photo source, including over 25,000 360-degree photos.

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