Bad News Is Good News

Harness complaints insights for continuous improvement


“YES!  We got another complaint!”… said no one ever.

Complaints don’t have to be feared. If you take a complaint as a catalyst for action, they’re a CX goldmine. Any time someone is motivated enough to complain, they’re highlighting a process or experience that could be impacting more customers than you realise.


  • Take the customer complaint, and map the journey that got the customer there. Plot out touch points (each time they interact), the methodology (channel they used), and overlay sentiment.
  • Use general customer journey maps and trace them back to the complaint – where did the journey go wrong?
  • Take the break points in the journey and fix them, then monitor future customer journeys – did they get past the mended pot hole?


  • Resolution-focused process guidance will help to resolve issues that are raised; this complaint insight process helps to prevent the issue from happening again.
  • Issues increase the likelihood of churn. Customers who experience issues but don’t complain are on a sure-fire path out the door. Unpicking a voiced compliant can lead to improvements for silent customers and improved experience for the greater customer base.

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