Power To The People

Unearth innovation and ideas from the people who actually engage with your customers


We all have access to lots of incredibly valuable insight into what drives our customers nuts – and it comes from our front line people.  

Your agents speak to customers every day, and can help you find broken processes, broken promises, and broken systems. 

Empower your people to advocate for your customers by shouting from the rooftops when they see something you could be doing better. 

This is a great way to build a culture of innovation and a highly engaged workforce.


  • Create a formal innovation process designed to generate ideas.
  • Make it a simple, flexible process by:
    • Using a communication platform.
    • Having someone lead it and drive it.
    • Keeping it flexible, open, conversational and constantly driven to increase engagement.

Don’t be afraid to trial things, testing and refining before you roll out. You don’t have to fix everything in one go.


  • Use your coaching sessions and team meetings by adding this as an agenda item – what’s the one thing we need to fix for our customers right now?
  • Give your customer team different KPI’s that focus on resolution for customers.
  • Loop back to the people with the ideas with an overview of the outcome – even for the things you couldn’t operationalise. Open feedback keeps the ideas flowing.

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