Yoda Providing Customer Service?

True proactive service is within reach, thanks to advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this blog, Amrita Bhattacharyya looks into what a proactive approach can do for your customer.

Can you imagine receiving a call from Yoda regarding your latest mobile bill … before you even receive it?

Called you, have I?

Over the usual charges, your bill has…

Offer to upgrade your plan, can I?

Your day, happy it will be…

The truth is, this is achievable today (even without the backward Yoda speak). True proactive service is within reach, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Recent strides in the world of AI in the areas of algorithms, predictive analytics, neural networks, and deep learning can drop a ‘Yoda’ on the agent desktop.

The Yoda can analyse and ‘understand’ data from customer activity across multiple channels — including social media, customer feedback, interaction history, customer lifetime value, machine data through Internet of Things (IoT), existing promotions — to identify potential customer issues that could trigger service events and prompt an agent to initiate a contact with an existing customer. The agent can then take ‘Yoda’s’ insights to proactively drive an informed and intelligent conversation with the customer.

The concept of proactive customer service is certainly not a new one. Companies at various levels of maturity have adopted principles of proactive customer engagement. However, more often than not, current state proactive customer engagement is limited to certain processes and scenarios, with the bulk of customer service still being reactive: the customer initiating the first contact.

The Yoda approach has the potential to reverse this with the majority of service contact initiated proactively by the contact centre and only a small number initiated by the customer. ‘Contact’ in this case refers not just to calls but to all possible contact: including digital or social channels.

The results

Cost reduction

Reducing inbound calls by proactively resolving issues before they arise results in fewer inbound contact and a reduction in overall cost of service.

Customer advocacy

Proactive engagement drives better customer experience, customer loyalty, and advocacy.

Agent retention

Engaging agents in meaningful and intelligent work rather than transactional processing improves experience and retention.

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